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New Teaser Video of Chameleon featuring the Nexus 7

  I am very very excited to see this product come to market. You all may have seen a previous story I put together on the developers kickstarter project. Hopefully we will see this come to our beloved Google Play store very soon.

The Samsung Galaxy S III Event – Atlanta

So this evening I was pleasantly reminded of the Samsung exclusive event for the Samsung Galaxy S3 release which happens on June 21st. Check out the story to hear a little more about what Samsung has in store.

Apple WWDC 2012 Mobile Announcement Breakdown

  Greetings fellow mobile users, techies, gadgeteers, etc. As you know I like to write about aspects of mobile life usually from a cell phone standpoint and today the driving force is the same. Apple held its 2012 WWDC today and announced a few things. On the the hardware side lots of info was announced […]